Allows you to repair your ships. Higher level repair bays have a lower percentage chance of damaging the hull integrity when performing repairs. The repairs are undertaken by billions of nanobots which need to be cn tained within the bay otherwise they will break out into the real world, gain full sentience, and destroy mankind.

Building Requirement

Hydrogen 100x Nitrogen 100x Titanium 100x Lead |- |2 |110x Hydrogen 110x Nitrogen 110x Titanium 110x Lead |- |3 |130x Hydrogen 130x Nitrogen 130x Titanium 130x Lead |- |4 |160x Hydrogen 160x Nitrogen 160x Titanium 160x Lead |- |5 |215x Hydrogen 215x Nitrogen 215x Titanium 215x Lead |- |6 |315x Hydrogen 315x Nitrogen 315x Titanium 315x Lead |- |7 |500x Hydrogen 500x Nitrogen 500x Titanium 500x Lead |- |8 |860x Hydrogen 860x Nitrogen 860x Titanium 860x Lead |- |9 |1590x Hydrogen 1590x Nitrogen 1590x Titanium 1590x Lead |}

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