MJS is not a corporation and you may still join this if you are in a corp. ==MJS, where our motto is 'Loyalty is the first step to success'. MJS is a loyal company where WE help you, protect you from enemies, give you friendly tips etc. MJS started on August 10th, 2011. The leader of MJS is Mazterx, If you ever have the chance, send him a request to join MJS. If you're lucky he'll accept. We will get any resorces you need, help you with missions etc. All that comes to the Junior members of MJS. If you wish to become a senior memeber, all you have to do is pay Mazterx $10,000 a week. Senior memebrs get more respected and put ahead of junior members. P.S. Mazterx is likely to be in GFC in a Marshall. If Mazterx is offline, the next highest rank of MJS is Head Senior, LubbyJnr and you may ask him if you can join. Remember to respect the Seniors decision. To become a senior you must: Ask LubbyJnr(Larsy) or Mazterx if you may be a Senior Show them you can take on responsibility Go to your limits to help out juniors Be Kind and loyal and have FUN


List of seniors: Mazterx (Founder) LubbyJnr (Head Senior) Shiding

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