Bandits is a new Legion of Imperatu corp recuiting members at least over rank Apprentice III (exceptions can be made) . We are a nice friendly corp, however in the future we may not be. We can help with any problems like being raided or give you backup, scare away those baddies and even help raid or get some Mats.

Once we are fully established we will be looking for friendly wars and fun throughout the Eternity universe.

Any Questions comment your name and help you need this will be checked by BERT19RULZ normaly every day and maybe Sellers. If you would like to join, mail Sellers in game, or comment below. Thank you and see you in the universe!


CEO: Sellers

Loyal Members :Edit

BERT19RULZ (Very Royal)




Future Members :



BERT19RULZ wrote this and with the help of Sellers

Has Been approved By Sellers

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